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idle hearts; open wounds

An Abundance of Ashes x Dinkz.JPEG

I had the privilege to work with the amazing and talented Dinkz.JPEG again, in a shoot inspired by the undoubtedly influential, touching and impeccably shot "Queen and Slim" (2020). 

We want to continue these collaborations as a demonstration of 'Artists Supporting Artists'. There is a growing scene of young, talented singers, rappers, artists, photographers, designers, writers, models etc. and it is so important that we support, build and inspire each other. Check out his Instagram and website to see all of his past and future project, including Music Videos and Album Covers, as well as more of his photography and graphics


We have multiple photo shoots and videos planned for the future so watch this space for future content! 

All Media displayed on this page is subject to copyright and are not to be transmitted, shared or distributed in anyway without express permission from the authors thereof.

Photographer: Dink.JPEG

Videography: Dinkz.JPEG

Editing: Dinkz.JPEG

Director: Dinkz.JPEG

Logo: Dinkz.JPEG

Music: 'Doomed', Moses Sumney

Model: Jasmine Erice-Harling

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