June 29th, 1886 (2021)


On the warmest night of summer’s June

In the graveyard by the sailor’s dock

Under the pale struck light of the blue moon

over a sepulchre stands a nighthawk.


With an instrument cocooned in its hands,

And its face dug into the dirt,

the stone tooth embarks the land,

tears out the bustle of a skirt.


Feathers from Birds of Paradise

Scattered on a veil laced with string.

Between the grains, a finger of ice 

Bound only by a wedding ring.


And the shadow kneels to the bride

And plants a kiss to lay his life.


Lady of Death (2021)


There once was a ‘Lady of Death’,

Made all drink from waters of Lethe;

Their worries and fears

All but disappeared,

Right down to their very last breath!