Forever, 2018


Like the sun that never sleeps,

the moon that never weeps.

The stars, who are never gone

even when you look away,

by your side I shall stay.


Like the sand to shore,

rose to thorn, hand to hand;

you and I are one.

And never shall I leave

even when I'm gone.

Never shall I disappear

even when you cannot see me,

I'll be right there.

In every word, whisper, song, breath.

In every sunset, rainbow, cloud over your head.

I'll be in every beat of your golden heart,

like you in mine.



Holly and Chris, 2018

When I'm with you, time will never pass

in seconds, minutes or hours.

It'll pass in laughter and memories,

(even in tears).

But no matter what comes our way,

our way will be ours.

Forever my other half,

my better half,

my whole.

And this world will be ours now,

ours to grow old and wonderful.

Because it's you that makes this world beautiful,

you that makes my smile glow.


What is love?, 2016


What is love?

A strange longing affection

Or the song of a bird,

In the early morning sun.

Or the soft blow of trees?

In the far away meadows

Where you shared stories

And you traded dreadful puns.

Is it that wake up coffee?

Or that well deserved brew

That greets us after a hard day

Of work all the way through.

Then before you know its supper

And its time to sit down

(For a bit anyway as something

Always seems to distract us)

But when we do sit down

To talk about our day

Or our deep thoughts or whatever

Maybe even over-analyse each other


Jewels and Mark, 2016

(But jk, don’t worry its only banter

And we don’t really mean it)

But what I am trying to say is

I think love is much simpler

Than the way most view it.

Yes it can be hard at times, complicated

And makes us sad when it leaves

But it always has a way of coming back.

And that’s when it grows.

So you see

I saw love not in flowers, nor birds

Or the sea

I didn’t know it in films, in plays or in dreams

No, I saw love so much closer to me

I saw love when it found you and Mark

That’s when I knew love doesn’t hold back,

When two people are meant to be together

And nothing could be as simple as that.

(This was an extra special opportunity because I got to write a poem for my Mum's wedding and read it out during the speeches. It was amazing and emotional, and one of my favourite moments. It was really an honour to celebrate this special day with some of my most special people).