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Photography, like poetry, is an amazing medium for expression, creativity and experimentation. It can be used to tell stories, emote, explore concepts and sell ideas, to name a few.

Past the pixels and behind the camera, there is a story behind the photo. Where the art meets the artist. What can a photo be without the photographer?

Introducing Dinkz.JPEG, an exceptionally unique artist and photographer based in London. His passion, imagination and eye makes him a stand-out upcoming talent. His original work, often presented with urban or nature-focused backgrounds, highlights the dramatic edge to his artistic approach.

His evident talent in the direction and execution of his projects sees him present his flair and ideas in a mature, and distinctive way. In a world full of new and upcoming creators, there is definitive room for photographers like Dinkz.JPEG to make their mark.

If are interested in photography or want to enquire about collaborating with Dinkz.JPEG, please visit his Instagram page to get in contact. While you are there, check out his amazing work and support his talent.


Be sure to watch out for future projects!

  • Instagram - White Circle


I have had the privilege of working with Dinkz.JPEG myself.


Here is our debut collaboration and the amazing photos produced from this set. 

We have planned future projects which I will post onto this website, and you can also check them out on his socials. I cannot wait to see his talent and recognition grow with other projects.

An Abundance Of Ashes x Dinkz.JPEG


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